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Sabine Storandt Dissertations

  • 2017
  • [c43]

    Stefan Funke, André Nusser, Sabine Storandt:
    The Simultaneous Maze Solving Problem.AAAI2017: 808-814

  • [c42]

    Stefan Funke, Thomas Mendel, Alexander Miller, Sabine Storandt, Maria Wiebe:
    Map Simplification with Topology Constraints: Exactly and in Practice.ALENEX2017: 185-196

  • [c41]

    Daniel Bahrdt, Michael Becher, Stefan Funke, Filip Krumpe, André Nusser, Martin Seybold, Sabine Storandt:
    Growing Balls in ℝd.ALENEX2017: 247-258

  • [c40]

    Daniel Bahrdt, Stefan Funke, Rick Gelhausen, Sabine Storandt:
    Searching OSM Planet with Context-Aware Spatial Relations.SIGSPATIAL/GIS2017: 70:1-70:4

  • [c39]

    Stefan Funke, Christoph Haag, Sabine Storandt:
    Generating Concise and Robust Driving Directions.SIGSPATIAL/GIS2017: 91:1-91:4

  • [c38]

    Stefan Funke, Sabine Storandt:
    Automatic Tag Enrichment for Points-of-Interest in Open Street Map.W2GIS2017: 3-18

  • [c37]

    Stefan Funke, Niklas Schnelle, Sabine Storandt:
    URAN: A Unified Data Structure for Rendering and Navigation.W2GIS2017: 66-82

  • [c36]

    Stefan Funke, Sören Laue, Sabine Storandt:
    Personal Routes with High-Dimensional Costs and Dynamic Approximation Guarantees.SEA2017: 18:1-18:13

  • [i1]

    Hannah Bast, Patrick Brosi, Sabine Storandt:
    Efficient Generation of Geographically Accurate Transit Maps.CoRRabs/1710.02226 (2017)

  • 2016
  • [j3]

    Stefan Funke, André Nusser, Sabine Storandt:
    On k-Path Covers and their applications.VLDB J.25(1): 103-123 (2016)

  • [c35]

    Stefan Funke, André Nusser, Sabine Storandt:
    Placement of Loading Stations for Electric Vehicles: Allowing Small Detours.ICAPS2016: 131-139

  • [c34]

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