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Its Not What You Know Its Who You Know Essaytyper

The average college student knows less than ¾ of zer 'friends' on Facebook.

WhatsHerFace-book.com is a quick, personalized game where you are challenged to name several of your Facebook friends in succession while racing the clock.

The game intends to help Facebook users reconsider their privacy exposure online. By now, we all know to restrict our profiles so that only friends can see our personal information. But after 3, 4, 5+ years of social networking, do you still even know all your friends?

After aggregating the results of ten thousand games from over four thousand players, we are left with some surprising statistics.

Update 2015: FB tried to shut us down! Special thanks to the EFF!

collaboration with @charliecroom as part of Yale Law & Tech
and, we are published!

tools: Rails, jQuery, Facebook OpenGraph, AWS

EFF Defense
Ars Technica

Have you heard of something called an essay typer, and are wondering if that can help you with your papers for school? Do you not know what one is, and so are not sure if you should use one?

If so, all you need to know about an essay typer is that it will create a unique essay for you on whatever subject you want. It is up to you, however, to decide if you should use one.

How does an essay typer work? -- A good essay typer takes minutes to work yet, once you have used one, you will want to use one all the time.

All you have to do to get it to work correctly is to key in the keywords you want to be included in the essay, the number of words it must be, the level of uniqueness you want and if you need a bibliography and images included in it.

Once you have keyed all this information in, it will then go to work writing an essay for you and giving you the results. In most cases, it takes less than a couple of minutes for your essay to be typed. It is then up to you what you decide to do with it.

Is there a danger in using an essay typer? -- The only real danger comes in when it comes to plagiarism. That is why, when you request an essay be written for you, you need to make sure you choose a high level of plagiarism checking.

The essay typer will then check for plagiarism in its work before giving you the essay, so that you are completely sure the article you were given is unique. Once you are, you can hand it in to your teacher just like with any other paper you write.

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