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Mohan Estate Ignou Assignments

IGNOU Regional Centre in Mathura Road, Delhi

Striving towards building an inclusive knowledge society through comprehensive education, IGNOU Delhi has been successful in increasing the gross enrollment ratio by offering high quality teaching through open and distance learning module. Established by an Act of Parliament in the year 1985, IGNOU began by offering two academic programmes i.e. Diploma in Management and Diploma in distance education. What started with a strength of about four and a half thousand students, IGNOU has come a long way to serve about 3 million students in India and other countries through 21 Schools of Studies and a network of 67 regional centres, around 2,667 learner support centres and 29 overseas partner institutions. The university now offers about 228 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes, with a strength of nearly 810 faculty members and 574 academic staff at the headquarters and regional centres and about 33,212 academic counsellors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professional organisations, and industry among others.

Facilities offered by the regional centres

IGNOU regional centre, Delhi offers a wide range of facilities for their students and faculty staff. The regional centre acts as a sub office of the university and acts as a resource centre. It proves to be an effective centre for training coordinators, counsellors, and other functionaries. It also serves as a centre for the students and the academic counsellors to express their responses with reference to a particular subject. This regional centre is home to Library course material, video cassettes, audio cassettes, computers, telex/fax, TV, VCR etc.

Programmes offered at IGNOU, Delhi

The plethora of programmes offered by IGNOU, Delhi are divided under Distance learning programs and Regular programs. Under the distance learning section they have numerous courses under Master's degree, PG and Advance diploma courses, PG and Advance certificate course, Bachelors degree, Diploma and Non credit programmes. Under the regular courses they provide Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC), BA in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (BA(AVFX)), and Certificate Programme in Digital Film Making (CDFM).

Some of the initiatives taken by this regional centre include establishment of an exclusive Student Support Centre, establishment of a single-window facility for processing various requests, organising Student Interactive sessions at the Regional Centre for getting direct feedback, organising Orientation Programmes for academic counsellors, and arranging regular visits to learner support centres to ensure that students get quality academic support.

The details of the various courses can be found on their regional website.

Please scroll up for IGNOU mathura road contact number.

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