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Cv Cover Letter Samples Documentation

Document Controller Cover Letter

A document controller is someone who is responsible for managing all the technical and commercial data and documents of the organization. Implementing positive tools and processes, giving system reports and distributing documents are some of the job duties of the document controller. Another essential part of their job is to make sure that the changes and regulatory processes are properly followed.

A document controller cover letter should be written in the proper business format. While writing the cover letter you will have to consider the basic rules, like:

  • Never send a generic cover letter to different organizations. Hiring managers are experts in identifying mass messages from a mile away. The only thing that gets their attention is the mention of the company name, so make sure that research about the company
  • Make sure that you address the job that has been advertised. Cater your cover letter as per the requirements and demands of the organization
  • Do not stress the reader on finding out if you are right for the position. Add some relevant examples about your experiences that have been successfully executed
  • Always get to the point. The hiring managers receive nearly dozens of cover letter and resume every day. Be direct and precise in the first paragraph itself and immediately move to specific qualifications

Here is a sample document controller cover letter to give you a better idea.

Document Controller Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Ariel Simmons
375 Dawson Creek
Solvang, CA9584
Mobile: 489-284-3857
E-mail id: s.ariel@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Wendy Jacks
Delloite Agency
1673 Victoria Street
New York, NY9485

Date: June 18, 2011

Dear Ms. Jacks,

I am sending this application for the job opening of Document Controller in your organization and providing you all the documents for further consideration. I am aware that my background in administration would make me the perfect candidate for your organization. Also, my skill of attention to detail will definitely prove to be an asset to Delloite Agency.

I have provided you resume along with this letter, but I would also like to give a brief summary of my qualifications and skills:

  • Worked as an administrative capacity for more than five years and have directly worked for document distribution and handled it for the maximum time
  • Proficient computer skills and ability to use multiple emails, word processing and using software packages for database
  • Excellent ability in handling outgoing and incoming mails has always been my main responsibility. I would bring this same skill to my current organization

I am a hardworking and dedicated worker and will never balk at any task, which has been handed over to me. I have a good confidentiality, which is highly appreciated by my past employers and which would be beneficial for your organization as well.

I would like to meet you in person and discuss this opportunity further at your time and convenience. You can contact me at 489-284-3857 or e-mail me at s.ariel@example.com.

Ariel Simmons
Your Signature



You can follow this sample format for writing your own cover letter. However, feel free to make any changes that are suitable to you. Make sure that you check for grammatical mistakes and typos before sending this cover letter to prospective employers.

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