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Arslan Senki Etoile Gender Reassignment

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Vital Statistics
RelativesUnnamed Grandfather
Physical Attributes
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorCaramel
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice Actor
JapaneseYumi Uchiyama
EnglishRyan Reynolds

Ester (エステル,Esuteru?) is is one of the secondary characters of the anime series "The Heroic Legend of Arslan". She uses the name Etoile (エトワール,Etowāru?) to pose as a male soldier. She is a soldier from Lusitania. She was captured after a battle between Pars and Lusitania and taken hostage as a slave, but escapes by taking Arslan hostage (though he willingly helps her).


In the beginning of the Anime, she poses as a male soldier with short messy blond hair and large caramel coloured eyes. Three years later, higher in rank, her outfit consists of the standard Lusitania soldier outfit, sporting a black balaclava, covering her whole head and neck, leaving her face exposed. On top of her head she wears a medieval secret helmet, much like other Lusitanians soldiers. Under the helmet and balaclava, her hair has grown out to reach the middle of her back. While wearing more feminine clothing, she appears to have more of a curvaceous body than when she was younger.


Etoile is a tough and stubborn girl. She is a firm believer of the Faith of Yaldabaoth. She is also shown to be gullible believing in ridiculous rumors about Prince Arslan. Despite being brash and hot-headed, she is shown to be good-mannered and kind compared to other Lusitanians.


Ecbatana is BurningEdit

Etoile was a soldier in the Lusitanian army, after being defeated by the Pars army, she was captured as a slave. While she was sitting in a cage, three kids came to give her a good beating. However, they are defeated by Etoile. She then hears a man coming rushed towards her and knocked him unconscious with a vase before he had a chance to attack. There was also another boy nearby and he persuades Etoile to release her hostage. After seeing that kid’s fancy clothing, Etoile threw the boy away and captured him instead. She started to run, dragging the boy with him. The Parsian soldiers started to chase him to rescue the boy, making Etoile think that Arslan is the son of a noble. The soldiers finally cornered them but Etoile managed to escape by jumping down, also dragging Arslan with her. They take the route of the rooftops until a giraffe suddenly appears in their way. Arslan saves Etoile when he was about to fall before the giraffe threw them to another roof. Etoile had never seen a giraffe before and was shocked by its long neck. After Arslan explaining what it is, they continued their run. Etoile got surprised by Pars’s richness as he was looking at the city. Arslan explained to him the Parsian life and culture, and said that Etoile would live happily if she submits being a slave. The last statement made her furious. She pushed Arslan down and said that as a warrior in service of the god Yaldabaoth, she will kill all the heathens. She said that her god doesn’t support slavery and sees all men are equals. Then Pars soldiers once again cornered them. They escaped by jumping into the river and the citizens helped them get out of it. Etoile then ran and stole a horse and attempted to escape, but Marzban Daryun took out an arrow to shoot her. But thanks to Arslan rushing into Daryun’s vision, Etoile managed to escape. As she got out of Ecbatana, she promised to save her captured Lusitanian friends.

Prince Arslan Takes a StandEdit

After taking Ecbatana, she looks for her fellow comrades who were with him three years ago. Watching Kharlan's troops leave the capital, she notices a Lusitanian soldier taking a girl into an alley, she follows them to stop the man only to find him killed by the girl. Etoile is attacked by her, she flips over the girl, taking off her hood in the process to find out it was a boy in disguise. He kicks Etoile through a wooden fence where some slaves were working. The slaves begin surrounding her, asking about their promise the Lusitanians made to free them, giving the boy an advantage to escape.Outside the capital, Etoile is in charge of her own small soldiers, finding them picking on a young Parsian woman. Riding her horse, Etoile reminds them about their faith to Yaldabaoth and tells the woman and her father to leave. Noticing a nearby boy, Etoile realizes he was the boy who helped her escape three years ago. Surprised that the boy, not realizing he was Prince Arslan, had survived. She tells him that their positions are completely switched from back then; they cannot be turned into slaves. Arslan states that he wouldn't have turned them into slaves, Etoile informs him that even if he wouldn't, Prince Arslan and King Andragoras lll would have declaring them as demons with horns and tails. While discussing the faith of Yaldabaoth, another boy appears with a sword in her hand. Arslan quickly mentions to Elam that there is no reason to fight as she is a friend. Etoile remarks that he isn't her friend, stopping the argument as her debt from Arslan helping him escape three years ago. Before leaving, she asked about the slaves who were with her, learning about their deaths. She hands Arslan the holy book of Yaldabaoth and exits out the door.

Infiltrating PeshawarEdit

Camping with her men, she receives orders to scout Peshawar, the location where the Parsian Army gather to counter-attack. She goes alone, after talking to her reluctant soldiers and understanding their doubts. During the travel, she removed her uniform, revealing her gender in the process. She dressed in proper female clothes and pose as a maiden after being told that at Peshwawar that the Parsian soldiers need maidens to serve beverages.
At the citadel, while serving wine, she is flirted by a soldier, a fact that led her to shout in rage, before serving him more wine in order to keep her disguise. During the feast, she also heard talk about the slave's freedom promise and the launch of a counter-attack. After she leave the party, she met Alfreed, who present herself a Narsus's lover and agree with Etoile that the Parsian are celebrating their victory early. After Alfreed leave, she is by the same drunk soldier, who declaring himself a Knight. However, she discriminates him of his rank and then flips him over to the ground after he became angry and try to grab her. As she began to panic, she is interrupted by Arslan and she recognizes him as the pampered boy although Arslan didn't recognize her as the slave boy. He helps her hide the unconscious soldiers near a tree and then take her to the Fortress's rampart. There, they discussed about Arslan's role in the war and the change Pars needed. She is soon taken by Arslan to the merchant wagons's location and hide in one of it in order to leave, following Arslan's instruction. Before leaving, She tells him to be careful. After that, Etoile realizes she still doesn't know the boy's name, and hope she will not meet him on the Battlefield.

Battle for the Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

She is garrisoned at the keep of Saint-Emmanuel under the command of Count Barcacion, when Hilmes arrives at the head of a force of 100,000. She speaks of her distant of being under the command of heathen, but Barcacion convince her to accept it by reminding her of her duty. She listen to Hilmes's speech before the battle, and after the first hours of the battle, ask Barcacion the permission to go the frontline, and says she will go even if Barcacion ordered her to stay. When she arrives on the battlefield, she kills a number of Parsian Cavalrymen, after offering them a chance of convert to Yaldaboath before strongly mocked by them. She is shocked after killing a soldier for the first time, and is soon pursued by a big group of Parsians and is unhorsed. Rising from the ground, she saw Elam on a cliff, observing the battle. Remembering him as a Parsian, she follow him with a group of Lusitanian horsemen, tracking him to Arslan's hidden camp, located away from the battlefield. The Lusitanian force engages the Parsian guard there, and Etoile finds Arslan in his tent. Unaware of his identity, she orders Arslan to come out, but is dumbfounded when the Parsian boy come toward her and reveals his identity as Prince Arslan. Thinking Arslan made a fool of her, she try to kill him with her sword, but Elam blocks the strike and is injured. Elam's move allows Daryun, Alfreed and  Farangis to come back at the tent. Seeing no chance to kill Arslan in charge, Etoile's men convince her to retreat after one of them sets the tent alight.

She retreats to the fortress through a hidden passage across the cliff while pondering how she unknowingly failed many times to kill Arslan. However, she was followed by Alfreed who locates the hidden passage, which later allowed the Parsian Army to enter the fortress bypassing the main gate, and ultimately leading to Pars' victory. Etoile manages to retreat from the fortress's court to the Barcacion's room. She saw Baracion fall from the balcony to his death, and Arslan in the same room holding a sword stained with blood. Etoile angrily attacks Arslan, but during the fight her helmet flies off which revealed her gender to Arslan. Arslan then realizes that she was the female servant he met at Peshawar. The fight is stop when Farangis and two Parsians subdue Etoile. After being tied up with Baracion's aides, she learned that he committed suicide. She is later imprisoned in a cell. Arslan visits her and brings food with him. Though she refuses the food at first, she quickly changes her mind after Arslan convinces her the food is part of the Pars army supplies. Following this Arslan requests that she offer a prayer for the dead Lusitanian soldiers which she accepts.


Arslan (アルスラーン,Arusurān?) is the main character of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is the crown prince of Pars, and the leader of the resistance against the Lusitanian invasion, the Camp of Arslan.


His basic appearance is that of a fragile and skinny, weak boy and because of this, people usually consider him a weakling. For example, Kharlan’s soldiers call him a dead weight. He is depicted with long, silver hair, which he keeps in a low ponytail. He has light blue eyes and his pupils are big compared to others. He is also shorter than average, but this is most likely due to him being a child, and he is as tall as Elam and Etoile, who are at the same age as him. He wears golden earrings in both ears. His skin complexion is noticeably fair and much lighter than other Parsians. He wears high quality clothes because he is a prince. In battle, he wears golden armor, but had lost the helmet in one of his battles. He also always carries his sword with him.


Arslan is depicted as a gentle prince, being very kind and soft-spoken, which is the exact opposite of his father. He cares about those around him and values their lives over his own. Young Arslan isn’t considered a very strong successor. He lacks his father’s ruthlessness and stubborn bravery, but has a strong heart and is very perceptive. After the battle in the field of Atropatene, the soldiers he left behind weighed upon his mind and made him despondent. He also had come believes that all men are equal, after his meeting with Etoile. He doesn’t consider slaves and Lusitanians to be the same as animals and is willing to talk with them. [1] He also became friends with Elam, who is a former slave and Etoile, who is a Lusitanian soldier.

At first his mind was weak and he didn’t like fighting, but it all changed at Atropatene, after taking a Lusitanians life for the first time, even though it made him feel terrible at that moment. After that experience, he had no trouble killing someone, even Parsian men and now, he is willing to fight if he needs to. He is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends, family and kingdom, and has been shown to be a skilled fighter[2] despite his frail appearance. He greatly values and trusts his company and when he learns about their trust in him, he vows to become a worthy king before they despair on him and starts to have build more self-confidence.

He is also very intelligent and insightful as he made a court-hating Narsus join him and figured out that the slaves may aid the enemy.  He also grows smarter and wiser as journey goes, wanting himself to be a king fit for his people to serve and not despair of.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is BurningEdit

In the morning, Arslan practiced swordplay with Vahriz, and easily got defeated. Afterwards, the servants helped him get dressed while he was complining about his daily sword practices, thinking that Vahriz is going too hard on him, After hearing that, with a smile, Vahriz stated that it was only the basics. After he finished getting dressed, they went on their way to see the Queen and Vahriz also lectured him about the importance of swordplay while they were walking.

They joined Queen Tahamine on the balcony. After the newly appointed soldiers of Pars saluted her and Arslan, the Queen wished them good luck on their duty and left. Arslan went after her mother, and apologized for being late. However the Queen didn't think that he needed to apologize because he was busy with his daily sword practice and left without listening Arslan’s comments on swordplay.

Arslan and Vahriz went to the courtyard, and they heard the sounds of the distant birds. One of them came down and knocked Arslan over. The servants got concerned about him, however Arslan was happy to have Azrael back. Then Marzban Kishward approached Arslan and commented on how Azrael likes Arslan more than himself despite Kishward being its master. After chukkling a bit, he gave his report concerning the latest campaign to Vahriz, telling that Parsian forces crushed Lusitania and saved their ally, Maryam, and the army has returned to Ecbatana.

Arslan and Vahriz went to greet King Andragoras III and the Marzbans that have returned from battle. Arslan happily rushed towards his father and showed that he was concerned about about his health, which King Andragoras sternly retorted that defeat wasn't a possibility and left Arslan.

In the afternoon, Arslan went out to wander around Ecbatana as he usually does. His guardian followed him to ensure his safety and tried to persuade Arslan to go back to the palace. Arslan refused as he wanted to talk with the Lusitanian slaves, hoping to hear their stories about the Kingdom of Lusitania. But the slaves were very aggressive and attacked him, making it impossible to talk. On his way back to the palace, he heard a scream. His guardian drew his sword, and told the young prince to wait. Suddenly, a child rushed towards the guardian and knocked him unconscious with a vase. Arslan saw that the child had a hostage, so he kindly asked him to release the boy and surrender. But after seeing Arslan's high quality clothing, he threw the boy away and captured Arslan instead. He started to run, dragging Arslan with him. The Parsian soldiers began chasing them across the capital until they finally cornered them. The boy and Arslan managed to get away by jumping down into the water. Then, they took the route of the rooftops, and a giraffe suddenly appeared. When the boy was about to fall down, Arslan saved him and the giraffe threw them back to a rooftop. The boy was shocked by the animal and stated that he had never seen something that long, before they once again began to run.

Etoile was surprised by Pars’s wealth. Arslan explained him the Parsian life and culture, saying that Etoile would live happily if he submits being a slave. This last statement caused the Lusitanian child to become furious. Pushing, Arslan down, declaring that he is a warrior in service of the god Yaldabaoth, and that he will kill all the heathens. He announces that his god doesn't support slavery, seeing all men as equals. Arslan took these words under consideration until the Parsians soldiers continued their pursuit, corning them. Etoile grabbed Arslan, jumping into the river. Not realizing Etoile was a slave, other soldiers helped the two young boys out of the water. Etoile quickly ran, stealing a horse and attempted to escape. Marzban Daryun, after being filled in about the prince's kidnapping, attempted to shoot the fleeing boy. Seeing this, Arslan rushed into Daryun’s vision, causing him to miss.

Daryun asked why he had stopped him, Arslan responded that it just happened. The two decided to agree that Daryun missed because the sun blinded him. On their way back to the castle, Arslan was met with three boys who were previously beaten and captured by Etoile. They begged for forgiveness of the misfortune as their parents tried to take the blame; however, a soldier advised that they must be gravely punished for endangering the prince's life. Unconcerned about the events, Arslan asked the soldier to release them. The children, moved by his decision swore to join the army and protect Arslan’s life. As Arslan thought back about the things that Etoile had told him, he saw multiple men carrying the corpses of the Lustanian slaves that had been captured. Terrified by what he had seen, Arslan asked why they had killed the slaves. The slave trader answered, stating they were wild and unruly. On his way back home, he questioned Daryun about why those men didn't submit into becoming slaves, Daryun simply replied that when Arslan ascends to the throne, he will introduce a friend of his to him. Three years pass, and Arslan has greatly improved his swordsmanship, but still could not defeat Vahriz. A messenger arrives delivering a message to Vahriz, learning that their ally Maryam has fallen to the Lusitanians and King Andragoras III has declared war. Soon after, the Parsian army goes to the Fields of Atropatene to participate in the battle, which would be Prince Arslan's maiden battle . Marzban Kharlan questions Arslan's nervousness, noting that it was his first maiden battle and tells him to not be worried, for Pars has not lost a battle in years. Arslan begins, but is interrupted as Azrael came back. Despite the sky being clear, he notices Azrael’s feathers are damp, telling Kharlan to scout the area. The terrain is quickly filled by a sudden fog as Arslan explores. The three boys from three years ago, now served as Arslan’s guards swearing to protect him for sparing their lives. Vahriz arrives, warning the prince to not wander far, and wonders if the fog would be a disadvantage or not. He quickly changes subjects, asking Arslan if he would like to spar to take his mind off of the concerns until a soldier appears, saying that a problem has occurred between the King and Vahriz's nephew, Daryun. Arriving to his majesty's tent, they find Daryun speaking out, asking the king to fight another day because of the fog. Furious, King Andragoras dismisses Daryun from his post as Marzban. Eran Vahriz quickly intervenes, requesting to give Daryun a chance to gain his rank again after the battle and forces his nephew to apologize. Andragoras agrees, then notices Arslan, immediately ordering him to leave.  Leaving his father's tent, Arslan’s men come to prepare for the oncoming battle. Arslan begins questioning if he would be worthy enough to be a prince, if he has proved himself in the battle. Putting on his helmet, Arslan proceeds to follow his comrades into the fight. As the Pars army charges, they are faced with traps set by the enemy forces. Arslan is quickly stopped by a soldier from falling into a large pit filled with oil. Suddenly, flaming arrows fly into the hole, burning many of the Parsians to death, leaving Arslan shocked by what he had seen. As the battle continued, the Parsian army quickly found itself on the verge of being defeated by Lusitania. Being forced from the fight, Arslan tries to flee from a Lusitanian, who strikes the Prince's horse causing him to fall off. Arslan fought the single enemy, eventually managing to kill him, leaving the young boy shocked. Standing between corpses, he wandered to find his father and comrades until he is found by Kharlan, only to find him with Lusitanian soldiers much to Arslan’s surprise. The former Marzban begins attacking Arslan, telling him he needs to die. The skirmish is quickly stopped as Daryun rushes into action, forcing Kharlan to retreat. Daryun offers his horse to the prince, urging him to ride it as they leave the battlefield. On their way, they rescue a Parsian from an enemy soldier. The soldier tells them that the King fled the battle, before dying from his heavy injuries. Shocked by what he had heard, Arslan wondered if his father is alright. He wanted to return to the capital, but Daryun replies that the road will be dangerous, telling him they should go to his friend Narsus for his assistance.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

They break off Kharlan's pursuit and entered into a forest. On their way, Daryun gave him some information about Narsus, up until an arrow suddenly fly towards them. they hear a voice warning them that if they advance any further, they will die. Once Daryun introduced himself, a boy comes out andd accompanies them to Narsus’s hideout. Narsus accepts them into his home.

When they start to eat dinner, Narsus tells Arslan how he defeated the Alliance of Three Kingdoms without a single soldier. Narsus then talks with Daryun about Atropatene as Daryun tells him that he should stop making bad paintings and help them. They discuss about art, leading to Arslan finding Narsus very interesting. When Arslan asked what he should do, Narsus told him to abolish slavery, but that this way of thinking made the king hate him. Arslan said that his father also hates him and Daryun too, so they would make a good company, surprising Narsus. The two spend the night at Narsus’s house.

When he woke up, Arslan wished to become friends with Elam, attempting to help him in the kitchen, but ended up breaking lots of plates and causing more work for Elam. He talked with Elam about his parents who were former slaves and asked him if he should free all the slaves or not, and Elam replies to him that he needs to find his own answer.

Before breakfast, Kahrlan's soldiers arrive, Daryun soon tells Arslan that they had passed near Kharlan’s castle on their way, causing Narsus to become furious, saying that Daryun was trying to force him to cooperate with them. Before the men entered, Arslan and Daryun hid themselves. During their talk, they reveal that Vahriz has died, making Arslan feel very sad. They offer a position for Narsus, but he refuses the offer and captures them with a trap. Noticing Arslan crying, he states that they should have breakfast. While they were eating, Arslan requests that Narsus joins him, promising to appoint him as Court Painter once he was king. Narsus gladly accepts the offer and starts to tease with Daryun, who opposes the idea. Arslan also accepts Elam into their company, saying that his cooking is delicious and to continue following Narsus. They leave the house and start heading for Ecbatana, but Kharlan’s men ambush them, prompting them to take shelter in a cave. Arslan plays chess with Narsus to spend time. As they continue playing, Narsus states that Ecbatana is most likely under attack, telling the Prince they can’t help them because the enemy’s numbers are too great. After waiting for a while, they leave the cave.

Prince Arslan Takes a StandEdit

Elam infiltrats Ecbatana to learn about the enemy’s situation and comes back after a while. He said that there weren’t anyone who knows about King Andragoras’s whereabouts and that Kharlan left Ecbatana with a 1,000 cavalrymen in search of Arslan. When Arslan ask Narsus if he knows what Kharlan is planning, Narsus said that Kharlan will burn villages and kill innocents to lure them out. Arslan immediately orders everyone to get ready to stop Kharlan.

Narsus prepares a plan to capture Kharlan. Before the ambush, Elam gives his bow to Arslan for protection. He uses it to kill many enemy soldiers. Everything went according to the plan, before Kharlan charged toward Arslan. Arslan attempted to shoot him, until he realized he was out of arrows. Arslan questions the former Marzban for his reason to betray Pars. Kharlan ignores him, attempting to attack, before Daryun came to protect Arslan. Daryun almost defeats him until Kharlan is struck by his own spear after falling down the hill. While Narsus was questioning Kharlan, Arslan came and orders him not to die. Kharlan, surprised by the young prince's actions and his group, reveals that the king is alive. Arslan once again, orders him not to die. Nevertheless, Kharlan tells him he cannot follow his command then dies. After his death, Arslan is welcomed with two more fighters joining their company. They introduced themselves as Gieve and Farangis. Gieve tells him that the Queen was safe when he had departed from Ecbatana. Arslan ask for Gieve to tell him everything, but was interrupted by Narsus, saying that they must leave before Kharlan’s men come back. Before leaving, Arslan request Farangis to offer up an elegy for the death of Kharlan and his men, surprising everyone. She accepts and begins to sing.

While Narsus and Daryun were looking for the king in Ecbatana, Arslan stayed with the rest of his company outside Ecbatana. Arslan worried about them, but Elam told him that nothing would ever happen to them because those two are very strong. When Elam wanted to leave to fetch water, Arslan ask to come with him too and managed to convince him. He tells Elam that even he is capable of a chore until the rope got cut by the mechanism. Before leaving to find a replacement, Elam told Arslan to stay in a house close by.

While waiting for Elam, Arslan saw some Lusitanian soldiers picking on a Parsian woman. Arslan took an axe and told the Lusitanians to leave her. Before they began to fight, their commander stopped them and told the woman and her father to leave. After looking at him for a while, Arslan realized that he was the Lusitanian boy who captured him three years ago. The Lusitanian was surprised that Arslan had survived, telling him that their positions have completely switched from back then and now they can’t turn them into slaves. The Prince states that he wouldn’t turn them into slaves, but Etoile remarks that even if he wouldn’t Arslan and Andragoras would because they are demons with horns and tails, unaware that he was talking with the prince himself. While they were discussing the faith of Yaldabaoth, Elam appeared with a sword in his hand. Arslan quickly told him that there isn't any reason to fight as Etoile was his friend. The Lusitanian soldier quickly comments that he isn’t Arslan’s friend, but didn’t fight because he wanted to repay his debt from three years ago. Before leaving, he asked about the slaves who were with him, Arslan answers that they were all killed. He gave Arslan the holy book of Yaldabaoth and left.

Kashan FortressEdit

After Narsus and Daryun returned from Ecbatana, they gave a report to Arslan about his parents. Arslan stated that there are too few of them and asked about the ways to gain more allies. Narsus stated that they intend to change lots of things that the kingdom has supported up to now, so it won’t be easy to gain allies. He told Arslan to make sure he wants what he wants to accomplish and to leave the rest to them. In the morning, the company has to attempt to break away from a pursuing Lusitanian army. After a while, Daryun returns and tells everyone to follow him. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a horn as the Parsian army appears. The archers kills many Lusitanians, forcing them to retreat.

Arslan enters Kashan Fortress with his company, where a feast was prepared for them. Lord Hodir became very happy after Arslan had remembered his name. He stated that he was worried about Arslan after the battle and couldn’t do anything against the Lusitanians, as he had no means within his power. He also told Arslan about his beautiful 13 years old daughter and he will be very happy if he marries with her. This suggestion caused Arslan almost choke. When he asked Arslan what steps does he intend to take in order to strike back at the Lusitanians, Arslan said that he intends to free the slaves and Hodir supposedly agreed.

When they were about to go to their rooms to rest, Daryun got angry as he wasn’t placed in Arslan’s room to protect him. He said that he would even sleep on the floor, however Narsus managed to convince him. After a while, Hodir entered the prince's room. He urged Arslan to marry his daughter and not to free the slaves before leaving. Then, Arslan traversed across the balconies to reach Narsus, and got surprised when Gieve tried to attack him. Arslan told Narsus what Hodir had told him. Narsus said that he has done good job and now must get ready to leave at a moment’s notice. He commands Gieve to escort Arslan back to his room and deliver the message to Farangis. Later, Hodir came back to his room, stating that Daryun and others can’t be trusted, so he will eliminate them. Arslan calls to his companions, telling the lord they will be leaving immediately. Daryun and the others soon appear, attempting to leave the castle, but Hodir followed them and attempted to apologize to Arslan. He wanted his men to lead his horse out, but Farangis and Gieve killed them as they were carrying concealed daggers. More soldiers come out as they start a fight. Daryun kills Hodir before he reached Arslan. After seeing this, his soldiers stopped fighting, releasing Arslan's company.

Before they left, Arslan tried to free the slaves, but they were angry as Arslan had killed their master. After they set a camp for the night, Narsus told Arslan that being a slave under a generous master is an easy way to live and he wanted Arslan to experience what happens when the master is suddenly taken away. After looking at his company and seeing their trust in him, Arslan vowed to become a great ruler.

Road to PeshawarEdit

While they were travelling, Arslan thinks about the things that will make one a good ruler. Suddenly, Elam approached and told him not to go that fast as the horse will get tired and they still have a long way to go. Arslan asked Elam what does he want to do in the future. Elam replies that his future will be decided by Narsus. When Arslan said that he will work hard, Elam told him that he will be a good king, as Daryun and Narsus is there to help him. Arslan thanked Elam for supporting him, but he said it is nothing worthy of his praise and started to ride faster. In the night, Farangis told him that the djinn are in foul mood, meaning their pursuers must be nearby. Eventually, they have caught up to them. Daryun went to confront the enemy, losing Farangis and Narsus on their way. Elam stated that they will meet at Peshawar, causing them to continue. The Lusitanians finally reached them, causing them to start fighting. Arslan killed many of them as they fought through the army. Elam, who was protecting the back, fell down as his horse got killed. Elam urged them to continue. However Arslan returned and saved him. When more soldiers came, Gieve distracted them by throwing gold to the ground letting them escape. On their way was a cliff, leading them to a dead end. They quickly hid themselves and made the enemy think that they had jumped into the river, only one enemy remained and Gieve killed him.

When they got away, Elam apologized that he endangered Arslan’s life. Arslan stated that it is fine, as he saved him because he is his friend, but Elam stated that he can’t become friends with him as his parents were former slaves. Then, Arslan told him that he wouldn't have any friends if he were to insist upon rank. He then apologized to Gieve as he threw away his gold for them. Gieve, surprised, asked if Arslan spent time outside the palace when he was young, which Arslan answered he did. He told Arslan that is why he is different from normal royalty and stated that he can’t wait to see what kind of kingdom he will build when he becomes the king. They continue to move forward to Peshawar. While they were continuing, Arslan stated that this is the farthest that he has ever come and Elam asked him if he knows about the legendary cities. He tells Arslan that in a vast desert of nothing lies the cities which are only mentioned in legends. He said that he wants to study their histories and Arslan told him to share those stories with him as well. Gieve then managed to spot Peshawar, but Arslan heard something.

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