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Homeworks Rentals

Property Management

Homeworx offers full service property management of single family homes, condos and duplexes for individuals and investors in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas metro areas.

We manage over 600 properties totaling more than $120,000,000.00 in real estate value.

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Our full-service listings get maximum exposure for your home. We promote heavily on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is used by Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Tulsa Realtors to find your house. We also promote our listings on the Internet and advertise locally as well.

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Call us today if you are looking for a home to purchase. We are available to show you all kinds of properties and will work around your schedule. Our staff is courteous, responsive, and works well with the local community.

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From Our Clients

"The Central Oklahoma Home Builder's Association has listed with HomeWorx the past two years to sell our Features Homes at the annual Parade of Homes. The Homeworx team has sold both of those homes for top dollar in a timely fashion while saving us thousands in real estate commissions in the process."

Teri J. Akers, Executive Officer Central Oklahoma Home Builder’s Association

I have worked with several property management companies with our previous rentals, and Worx has done an incredible job. They were quick to respond to problems, regularly checked in to make sure things were going alright, and were flexible when our relocation made us cancel our lease early. This is a great company to work through as a renter, and owners should feel comfortable with their home in their hands.

Nicole Nelsen Edmond, OK

It is great to have a relationship with a company that is familiar with the real estate market, and who has the capability to act as a Real Estate agent and specialist. Communication with Worx has always been easy and open. I always get a quick response to all of my requests. Their property management web based program also makes it easy for me to keep up-to-date records on the status of my property, and income associated with this investment. I would recommend Worx Property Management to anyone seeking a management team. They have been extremely easy to work with, and very professional. I consider myself fortunate to have an association with Worx.

Justin Willey Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you guys so much for your all work in getting this issue resolved. This has been an ordeal and you guys have worked really hard to get this all taken care of for us. We just had the carpet guys out todya to finish up putting down new padding, they were really good and very prompt.

Adam Eppler Edmond, OK


1920 Ridgedale Rd
South Bend, IN46614
(574) 233-3302

Solid realty company to rent from, so far. There were some problems when I moved into my new space, and Homeworks was very responsive and professional in resolving my problems. Specifically, their cleaners had missed my house prior to move in, but apparently this was not a common occurrence because the manager of buildings showed up on a weekend and was very apologetic. The cleaners came the next day and fixed the error.

I rented a Home from these slum lords and it was a nightmare. The house was infested with mice, filthy. The roof was leaking and standing water in the basement every time it rained. The furnace worked on and off. I called several times and finally a guy named Adam? I think came over. He looked at everything, told me I needed a furnace guy, had no idea where the water was coming from and the mice were my responsibility. I was furious! I then asked what did you come out for then? He replied the office was curious how I was keeping the house and if I was leaving food out. WTF? Ii then asked are you going t fix anything? He replied, No not today, he would have to talk with his boss. I am in the process of hiring a attorney to get out of my lease. What a Nightmare! Stay away from these idiots. Oh and the only good reviews, 5 star, are employees.

RIPE OFF...4 sure. Negative numbers are in my mind. They should not even have a license to operate. I have property which was already listed with them...and was already rented when purchased. Being new to owning and renting I figured I would watch and learn. Well...months had gone by and rent was collected and I was ask7ng many questions. In July, I learned the renters had skipped out and no rent was collected I had received an email explaining this along with a statement for monies owed. My business partner and I took a trip out to South Bend, there were other properties which surfaced to buy. So while in South Bend, we drove by. I had never seen the property. I have a video of how I found it. It was trashed, every inside door punched through, food everywhere, clothes, trash you name it. And the grass was way above my knees. OH HH. did I mention I was charged for lawn cuttings. .Neighbors states it was at least 2 months since someone was there. Neighbors came out, you can learn a lot from them. All the people who lived inside......way more than the lease states. Their story and HOMEWORKS are completely different. Well my workers got busy and so did I. To date they continue to send me statements, charging for all the I had done...including cleaning out the house. This shows no one has been to the property since JULY. They have no idea what's been done. THEY JUST KEEP SENDING OUT EMAILS AND STATEMENTS FOR PAYMENT. WHAT A SCAM... Who owns this company.?? What a joke........get on board Or shut it down!!! Only 1 star ---can not post without a rating...YELP should consider an option for situations like this.. Stay away....spread the word.. Feel free to contact me via message if desired....

Homeworks is a rip off. They are the definition of true slum Lords. Stay as far away from.them as you can. Brooke and Amber are both fake and phony. I moved the pretty much just took my deposit and added a bunch of bogus ass charges that should have been chalked up as 7 years of wear and tear. They charged me 740 to paint 200 to clean a moldy carpet that should have just been pulled up. Painting​ every year is the landlords responsibility..they did no maintainance on the property and when. They fixed stuff they just patched it up not really doing he work. RENTERS BEWARE and Property owners don't allow them to manage your property.. they are SLUMLoRDs

I wish I could give this awful worthless company zero stars these are the biggest scam artists in town I would advise everyone to stay far away from these crooks. I'd love to start a petition and close these people down they just take advantage of any and everyone they can if interested reply to this and we can collectively take them down!

Not a place I would rent from again. They take forever to fix things. Went a week with no heat in the winter. Another time I went over a week with no hot water. There maintenance man violated my 14th amendment right. They tried to discriminate against the fact that I had children telling me they could not renew my lease due to them. (At the time they were 5 and 2 year old twins, my oldest having autism) I also have had to deal with mold to the point my family is having health problems due to it. We will be happy to get out of this house and away from this company!! And watch out my friend rented from them she had a house that had bedbugs, cockroaches and mold. They have a thing with saying its your responsibility to take care of the problems... So would I rent from them again, no. Would I recommend to a friend or family member, no.

Saw rentals online on trulia and zillow, inquired. very slow response and then asked me several questions that I feel were too invasive for someone who was just looking into a few places. noted they require a credit check PRIOR to a viewing. please do not do this, how am i gonig to pay for and share my personal information prior to a viewing? What if i do not want any of your places, (my concern was validated by several reviews of bugs and poor apartment upkeep etc ) basically it is a management corp bottom line is money, they will not care to upkeep property. go elsewhere and never do a check Before you are sure you want the place.

There are 2 parts of this company, the real estate side and the property management side. I was told the 2 are separate but both use HomeWorks in their signature. I own a home in South Bend and wanted to know if the real estate market had bounced back enough that it would be worth putting the house on the market or if I should rent it and if renting was the way to go, then I needed a property manager. I was looking for a professional opinion. Dusti Gardner is the broker who viewed my home. She literally blew me off after visiting the home. After I emailed her several tiems, she finally said "We should list at $..................". Well I had several questions that she never answered, like my #1 - What type of offers can I expect? I needed to know if it was reasonable to expect enough to pay of the mortgage. Dusti never answered my questions and I should note here, she communicates only by email, no phone calls despite my asking her to call. Once I told the agent from the management side, Christy Lewis, that Dusti wasn't responding and I was communicating with another broker, Dusti then emailed with excuses for not contacting me and saying "this is not how I do business". Now for the property management part: Christy Lewis was always very responsive. My only complaint about Christy is that she is also an emailer and never called even when asked to do so. I spoke with her on the phone two times when I called her. Anyway, after having several brokers evaluate my house/property, I decided to rent for a while and try to sell again at a later date. I asked to see copies of HomeWorks property management contract and a lease. What I concluded from the contracts is they are not concerned about maintaining the property. Just a couple examples: They weren't going to maintain the A/C, considered it a convenience item, and there was no place in the lease to specify whether or not smoking was allowed. There were many other things in the contracts that concerned me, but you should have the idea by now. I marked up the agreement with areas of concern and emailed it to Christy with some questions. I was informed there would be no negotiating and if I didn't like it, I should go elsewhere. I went elsewhere. Due to a previous similar statement, I was already in contact with another company. Also, I had found some really bad reviews from tenants and I was concerned how that would affect my ability to find a tenant through them.

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