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Quality Improvement Coordinator Cover Letter

Sending a résumé without a cover letter is like driving at night without your lights on. (You know, you will get a ticket for that!) So what are the dynamics of an effective cover letter? How can you determine the major points and entice recruiters and hiring managers to take a closer look?

The Salutation: If you know the hiring manager’s name, use it; this is always preferable than the all too common: “To whom it may concern.” Who does it concern, anyway? The salutation should read: “Dear Mr. Manes” or “Dear Ms. Singer.” Given the availability of information online, let your fingers do the walking – do the research to get a name. I know what you are thinking: “Well, how do I get a name if everything is totally anonymous?” Ok, I get it. No information? Nada? You can go with one of the following:  ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, or ‘Dear Hiring Manager’.

Opening Statement: A good cover letter should begin with reference to the opportunity you are pursuing. From there, provide a few relevant attributes you bring to the table. This information must be compelling enough to immediately engage the reader.

For example:

As a highly experienced leader in six sigma process engineering, I am writing to express my interest in the {Title of Job} opportunity listed on your corporate website. Throughout my career, I have consistently improved processes and procedures within the manufacturing sector while promoting a team environment based on dedication and loyalty.

Hook Them: In the second paragraph of the cover letter, focus on the specifics of what you have accomplished. Highlight unique contributions and emphasize achievements that demonstrate your value relative to the role.

Add a list of bullets to show specific accomplishments. This information should complement your résumé, not repeat what is already there.

For example:

As the Senior Production Manager of ABC Company, I refine procedures to optimize workflow on a daily basis. By developing and instituting a comprehensive process management program, I played a pivotal role in reducing costs by 60% and increasing profitability by 30%.

Here are some examples of bullets you might include:

§  Applied Lean Six Sigma principles, which improved product quality by 37%.

§  Implemented spare parts stocking plans for machining, conveyance, and sub-assembly systems.

§  Increased overall shift productivity by 11%, with a 23% reduction in job repairs and rework.

Close Them: Let the firm know you understand their business needs. (This information is easily obtained by visiting the website or reading an industry publication.) Summarize your value briefly and suggest a meeting or let them know you will be in touch at a specific time. If you go this route, follow through.

Cover letters are a powerful and sometimes overlooked marketing tool.  Whether you send one as a formal letter, an email, or uploading to a database, the cover letter is essential to increase your visibility. It is a ‘must have’ for a successful ride on your road to a new career opportunity!

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Quality Assurance Coordinator Resume Samples

Quality Assurance Coordinators supervise Quality Control Technicians and make sure all products flaws are identified. Typical resume samples for Quality Assurance Coordinators mention duties such as improving organization efficiency, reducing waste, assigning tasks, recruiting and training staff, establishing schedules, and returning defect items for repair. Those interested in a quality assurance position should showcase in their resumes leadership, organizational skills, attention to details, communication, and teamwork. Most employers require a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field.

Looking for job listings? Check out our Quality Assurance Coordinator Jobs page.


Quality Assurance Coordinator

Ensure the accuracy of all testing performed in the laboratory. Identify non-conforming products and initiate corrective actions and preventative actions to prevent future non-conformances. Monitor performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports. Review, maintain, and write policies, procedures, and processes. Oversee and assist laboratory technicians with routine and special procedures. Train new employees on current quality management systems and keep employees informed of changes to the quality management system.

  • Increased product tractability by 100% through researching and implementing new package coding technology and equipment.
  • Reduced the cost of scheduled equipment calibration services by $28,000 per year
  • Updated and implemented new quality training requirements for all positions
  • Revised key policies to meet current American Petroleum Institute and Department of Environmental Quality requirements and guidelines

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Conducted quality audits for call center agents and provided additional training improving operations. Coached agents on how to professionally communicate to callers and enhanced customer experience

  • Promoted from Administrative Services to Quality Assurance
  • Developed auditing requirements for specific departments that established consistency in data entry
  • Examined and designed internal processes and recommended changes to decrease payment and billing errors
  • Originated training material for call center that led to excellent customer experience
  • Coached agents based on individual audits that contributed to staff development

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Served as liaison between Trinity Healthcare, client facilities and traveling healthcare providers. Managed multiple regions and over 125 healthcare providers for more than 200 client facilities.

  • Maintained knowledge of Joint Commission, OSHA, HIPAA regulations and other legal requirements to ensure policy and procedure reporting compliance.
  • Reviewed incoming contracts for traveling nursing and allied professionals; reviewed requirements with Hospital and/or Contract Affiliate contacts for clarification; negotiated requirement changes as needed.
  • Provided quality management and compliance reviews with Nurses and Allied Professionals to ensure full compliance with AMN, State, Facility/Unit, and Joint Commission requirements..
  • Coordinated all aspects of drug screen testing, criminal background checks, and exams according to requirements of individual assignment guidelines.
  • Managed collection, data entry and delivery of all documents for regulatory State, Facility and Joint Commission audits as requested by facilities.
  • Assisted with development and hands on training of new department staff.

Senior Quality Assurance Coordinator

Conducted account level reviews, researched issues and events, responded to questions and requests from management and key stakeholders.

  • Communicated recommendations for process improvements and operating procedures.
  • Calibrated performance standards with peers and documented procedures in accordance with established policies.
  • Produced high quality accurate reports. Performed audit requests for internal and external audits.
  • Refined Onboarding documentation for Management Control Program.
  • Created uniformed documentation for all departmental procedural and policy metrics increasing efficiency by 50%.
  • Coached associates that were not meeting department threshold increasing department quality by 45%.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Delivered quality products by performing hands-on functional testing of UCC systems against multiple operational scenarios including testing and verification of user interfaces (touch panels, remote controls, and control panels).

  • Configured and operated Cisco/Tandberg and Polycom codecs.
  • Identified defects and worked directly with engineers, programmers, project managers and technicians on resolving deficiencies and providing recommendations on alternative solutions.
  • Conducted reviews on the engineering design package, installation job book, test plan, in-house QA, maintenance turn over and red-lines for completeness and accuracy.
  • Reviewed and executed test and acceptance test plans both in-house and on-site when required.
  • Achieved Vidyo Certified Deployment & Support Engineer, Revolabs Certified Specialist, and Chief Certified Partner certifications.
  • Acquired government Secret Clearance and Infocomm CTS certification.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Managed quality assurance initiatives for program services of over $2.3 million at New England's largest community wellness center for persons living with HIV/AIDS

  • Measured and evaluated psychosocial and nutritional programming against outcome measures
  • Accurately, completely, and timely captured, recorded, and reported client intake, utilization, and demographic data (annually: 5,000 individual level and group level contact hours: 45,000 meals served to 1,400 unduplicated active clients)
  • Reported to corporate, foundation, city, state, and federal government funders
  • Documented and streamlined agency data collection processes, related controls, and key roles and responsibilities through the use of process narratives, logic models and flow charts

Quality Assurance Coordinator

  • Supervised 10 medical records clerks in the Quality Assurance Department
  • Promoted as Records Coordinator after converting 1500 records into electronic database for 200 employees
  • Increased client retention and proper compliance documentation by 80%
  • Developed and implemented clinical process to assist business with efficiency
  • Designed a cost-saving monitoring tool for the QA, Records, and Service Utilization Review Committee

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Directly managed, developed and coordinated various cross departmental teams to meet and improve upon quality and food safety standards

  • Reviewed, maintained, and updated all Food Quality, and Food Safety and Food Security related programs to ensure FDA Regulations and 3rd Party Auditing requirements are met
  • Ensured all Food Safety and Food Quality programs were adhered to through internal auditing process
  • Conducted daily business as acting QA/QC Manager as the need arose
  • Acted as main point of contact at facility with Customer Service department in rapidly responding to Customer questions and concerns

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Developed and managed the QA department, with input from all departments, including proper document and records control.

  • Organized and conducted internal audits to aid in continuous improvement efforts throughout all departments; including CAPA management.
  • Managed and coordinated second and third party on-site audits, including completion of all required documentation audits.
  • Responsible for ensuring all employees training was current and completed in accordance to dates set forth by QA. Developed training program for all employees.
  • Completed work to develop the Quality Management Systems to achieve ISO-9001 certification.

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Performed all Area customer service analysis, trending, reporting, and execution to drive improvement of the customer experience for Center Directors/Area VP.

  • Drove the Cell Center quality percent by participating in calibrations and ensuring all of the areas scored calls in alignment.
  • Reviewed trends during call reviews to gain better understanding of the customer experience.
  • Partnered with internal and external subject matter experts to drive business change.
  • Prepared and presented recommendations to Area leadership teams to gain buy in for quality initiatives.
  • Prepared and trained Representatives on new and old material to improve on their performance.


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