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Essayez Nono Commentaries On Romans

  • Origen (c. 185-c. 284). Commentary on the epistle to the Romans. Fathers of the church 103-104. Trans. Scheck. 2 vols. The Catholic University of America Press, 2001-2002.

    BS2665 .O675.

  • Ambrosiaster. Ambrosiaster's commentary on the Pauline epistles: Romans. Writings from the Greco-Roman world 41. SBL Press, 2017.

    BR65 .A323A4213 2017.

  • Ambrosiaster (4th cent.). Commentaries on Romans and 1-2 Corinthians. Trans. Bray. Ancient Christian texts. InterVarsity Press, 2009.

    BR65.A323 A4313 2009.

  • John Chrysostom (c. 347-407). Homilies of S. John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, on the epistle of St. Paul the apostle to the Romans. Trans. Morris. Library of fathers of the holy catholic church 7. J. H. Parker, 1841.

  • John Chrysostom (c. 347-407). Homilies on the Acts of the apostles and the epistle to the Romans. Trans. Morris, Simcox, & Stevens. LNPF, ser. 2, vol. 11. Christian Literature Company, 1889.

  • John Chrysostom (c. 347-407). Homilies on Romans. Trans. Papageorgiou. 2 vols. projected. Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2013.

    BS2665.54 .J64 2013.

  • Theodore of Mopsuestia (c. 350-428). "Theodore of Mopsuestia's commentary on Romans: an annotated translation." Trans. Gregory. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992.

    Not yet available via The Boyce Digital Library.

  • Augustine (354-430). Augustine on Romans: Propositions from the epistle to the Romans and Unfinished commentary on the epistle to the Romans. Ed. & trans. Fredericksn Landes. Scholars Press, 1982.

    Summit (on order).

  • Theodoret (c. 393-c. 460). "An annotated translation of Theodoret's commentary on Romans 1-5." Trans. Birney. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1968.

  • Pelagius (4th-5th cent.). Pelagius's commentary on St. Paul's epistle to the Romans. Trans. De Bruyn. Oxford early Christian studies. Clarendon Press, 1993.

    BS2665 .P4213 1993.

  • Glossa ordinaria ( -12th cent.). Glossa ordinaria on Romans. Trans. Woodwards. TEAMS commentary series. Medieval Institute Publications, 2011.

    BS2665.53 .G6613 2011.

  • Peter Abelard (1079-1142). Commentary on the epistle to the Romans. Trans. Cartwright. Fathers of the church medieval continuation 12. Catholic University of America Press, 2011.

    BS2665.53 .A2313 2011.

  • William of St. Thierry (1075/80–1148). Exposition on the epistle to the Romans. Trans. Hasbrouck. Cistercian fathers series 27. Cistercian Publications, Inc., 1980.

    BS2665 .G8413 1980.

  • Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-1274). Commentary on the letter of Saint Paul to the Romans. Trans. Larcher. Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine, 2012.

    BS2665 .T5412 2012.

  • Colet, John (c. 1466-1519). Exposition of St. Paul's epistle to the Romans. Trans. Lupton. Bell and Daldy, 1873.

  • Erasmus, Desiderius (1466-1536). Annotations on Romans (1516/1535). Trans. Payne. Collected works of Erasmus 56. University of Toronto Press, 1994.

    PA8502 .E5 1974 v.56.

  • Erasmus, Desiderius (1466-1536). Paraphrases on Romans [(1517)] and Galatians. Trans. Payne, Rabil, & Smith. Collected works of Erasmus 42. University of Toronto Press, 1984.

    PA8502 .E5 1974 v.42.

  • Luther, Martin (1483-1546). Commentary on the epistle to the Romans (1515). Trans. Mueller. Zondervan Publishing House, 1954.

    BS2665 .L7512 1954.

  • Luther, Martin (1483-1546). Luther: lectures on Romans. Trans. Pauck. Library of Christian classics. Westminster Press, 1961.

    BS2665 .E7613.

  • Luther, Martin (1483-1546). Lectures on Romans: glosses and scholia. Ed. Oswald. Trans. Tillmans & Preus. Luther's works 25. Concordia Publishing House, 1972.

    BR330 .E5 1955 v.25.

  • Melanchthon, Philip (1497-1560). Commentary on Romans. 2nd ed. Trans. Kramer. Concordia Publishing House, 2010.

    BS2665 .M249 2010.

  • Vermigli, Peter Martyr (1499-1562). Most learned and fruitfull Commentaries ... vpon the Epistles the Epistles of S. Paul to the Romanes. 1568 [ ].

    Early English Books Online.

  • Vermigli, Peter Martyr (1499-1562). Predestination and justification: two theological loci. Trans. James. Truman State University Press, 2003.

    BS2665.53 V4713 2003.

  • Calvin, John (1509-1564). Commentaries on the epistle of Paul the apostle to the Romans (1540). Trans. Owen. Eerdmans, 1959 [1947].

    BS2665 .C3 1959.

  • Calvin, John (1509-1564). Epistles of Paul to the Romans [1540] and Thessalonians. Trans. Mackenzie. Calvin's New Testament commentaries: a new translation. Eerdmans, 1960.

    BS2665 .C35 1960.

  • Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758). The power of God: a Jonathan Edwards commentary on the book of Romans. Ed. Lovi & Westerhoff. Pickwick Publications, 2013.

    BS2665.53 .E39 2013.

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