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Human Induced Disasters Essay Outline

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Short Essay on 'Man Made Disaster' (200 Words)

Short Essay on 'Man Made Disaster' (200 Words)
A disaster is a hazard resulting in an event of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life, or drastic change to the environment. Disasters fall into two major categories. These include man made and natural disasters. Man-made disasters are disasters due to result of of human intent, negligence or involving a failure of a man-made system that leads to human suffering and environmental damage. Man-made disasters are the consequence of technological or human hazards. Fires, transport accidents, industrial accidents, oil spills and nuclear explosions/ radiation are some examples resulting the human hazards. Man has cut forests recklessly to clear the land for cultivation and along with this environmental degradation has taken place, which also affects human life.

Man-made hazards or disasters are sometimes referred to as anthropogenic. Man-made disasters can be divided into different categories. As with natural hazards, man-made hazards are events that have not happened, for instance terrorism. Man-made disasters are examples of specific cases where man-made hazards have become reality in an event. The rising population has resulted in high fuel consumption and reduction of natural resources. Over population also affects our social environment. Another type of disaster that falls in this category is nuclear bomb. Other types of man made disasters which are just as catastrophic include chemical spill, oil spill, arson and terrorism.

Types of Disasters

Disasters can take many different forms, and the duration can range from an hourly disruption to days or weeks of ongoing destruction. Below is a list of the various types of disasters – both natural and man-made or technological in nature – that can impact a community.

                                                  Natural Types of Disasters


Hurricanes and tropical storms are among the most powerful natural disasters because of their size and destructive potential. Tornadoes are relatively brief but violent, potentially causing winds in excess of 200 mph. Both earthquakes and tornadoes strike suddenly without warning.

Flooding is the most common of natural hazards, and requires an understanding of the natural systems of our environment, including floodplains and the frequency of flooding events. Wildfires are more prevalent in the event of a drought. Disasters impacting food supply can be extremely costly; American officials say that a food contamination scare similar to the one that hit the Belgian poultry industry in the 1990’s could jeopardize U.S. agricultural exports in excess of $140 billion.

                       Man-Made and Technological Types of Disasters


Disasters also can be caused by humans. Hazardous materials emergencies include chemical spills and groundwater contamination. Workplace fires are more common and can cause significant property damage and loss of life. Communities are also vulnerable to threats posed by extremist groups who use violence against both people and property.

High-risk targets include military and civilian government facilities, international airports, large cities and high-profile landmarks. Cyber-terrorism involves attacks against computers and networks done to intimidate or coerce a government or its people for political or social objectives.

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