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Cima Case Study Books

My suggestion is - don’t do it alone!

A Case Study is a totally different type of exam and if you have sit OCS before, you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s compare it with starting a new job - you feel a bit lost, simple tasks take you ages to fulfill and still there is a big room for improvement. In these moments, haven’t you thought - “if only I could ask my boss how to do that” or “if only there was someone who could show me how to do it better and faster”? I know I had those questions. With years of experience, I've learnt that there is no point to reinvent the wheel, there are so many other things I could be doing. It is just more efficient to use someone else’s knowledge and experience to get your results faster.

I believe that signing up with a proper tuition providercan cut your studying time at least in half. Just think about it, that’s all I’m suggesting. I just don’t want you being frustrated and underprepared for your exam. 

Now I think it is the right time to show you the video that I made about Management Case Studies showing you what a MCS / Gateway exam is all about, highlighting key points to focus on, explaining the structure and walking you through an example of a MCS. Also, I touch upon the competencies, explain the exam marking and finally give you some tips on what to do in order to pass you MCS exam.

CIMA study materials

Discover our full range of CIMA study materials written by our in-house authors with industry and teaching experience. Designed to suit every learning style, these resources will help you learn the theory and importantly the exam technique needed to achieve CIMA exam success.

  • New 2015 editions now available
  • Materials to suit your learning style - choose from our wide range of materials, including Study Texts, Practice and Revision kits and Passcards
  • Free access to BPP's online learning environment - a personalised online study space packed full of free resources to aid your studies, including digital copies of your book, access to the Revision Skills Bank and Final Revision Guidance

Materials to suit your learning style

  • Study Texts - Use the Study Text to build a solid understanding across the full breadth and depth of the syllabus theory. Detailed examples, questions and quick quizzes throughout help you build and reinforce your understanding of the techniques and concepts that will be assessed in the Objective Tests.
  • Exam Practice Kit - Our Exam Practice Kit contains guidance on the Objective Test exams themselves, and a large bank of practice questions covering the whole syllabus. Detailed feedback on each question allows you to reinforce your learning as you go and identify improvement points.
  • Passcards - Passcards will help you to learn on the go and revisit key areas, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of all the syllabus learning outcomes. Portable and convenient, the Passcards contain summaries of all the key concepts, theories and techniques in the syllabus.
  • Practise and Revision Kit - Our Practise and Revision Kits help you prepare for your examination by coaching you in exam technique and testing your knowledge with practical exercises, building both your expertise and confidence.
  • Intergrated Case Study Workbook - This comprehensive workbook explains how the integrated case study (ICS) exam works and what you need to demonstrate in order to pass the exam. It contains numerous example questions, answers and tips on the case study exam technique as well as a large bank of practice tasks and solutions.
  • Objective Test Bundles - Achieve exam success with the Objective Test Bundle; with the Study Text, Passcards and Exam Practice Kit included, you can be confident you will have the materials you need to prepare for your examination.
    - 1x Study Text
    - 1x Passcard
    - 1x Exam Practice Kit
  • Operational, Management and Strategic Level Bundles - The Level Bundle offers value for money, and ensures you are prepared for your CIMA level; including your Objective Tests and integrated case study. With a saving of 10% compared to buying materials individually, the Level Bundle offers more value than ever before.
    - 3x Study Text
    - 3x Passcard
    - 3x Exam Practice Kit
    - Plus the ICS Practice Workbook

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