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Eth/316 Critical Thinking And Ethics

Critical Thinking and Ethics Page 2 Critical Thinking and Ethics The application of critical thinking to a defined situation will enable an individual to make the right decisions as to the right ethical choices or principles to apply to a particular situation. (The Connection between Critical, 2014, Page 1) To explain the relationship between critical thinking and ethic, learning team b linked critical thinking and ethics, by various principles, rules, guidelines and logic. Connecting Critical Thinking and Ethics A connection between critical thinking and ethics can be seen in the sense that the individual will have to think of several methods for approaching the issue of ethics, eliminating the most likely approach until he or she settles on that which will be the most acceptable for the situation. (The Connection between Critical, 2014, Page 1) The whole world uses critical thinking and decision building the majority of the time, without

Unformatted text preview: Corporate Social Responsibility Learning Team B: Michelle Camacho, Meredith Carty, Carolyn Jones, Carl Messmer & Ivory Whitten Monday, August 11, 2014 ETH/316 - Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor: Tana Romero The Role of the Organization in the Community The Factors in the Organization that Influence the Social Responsibility Strategies A Social Initiative that the Organization will Champion The Organization's Responsibility to the Community The Main Components of an Effective CSR Policy The Potential Consequences of the Chosen Social Initiative and Policy Corporate Social Responsibility Progress, brminstitute.org Corporate Social Responsibility To Assist in Building a Strong Community To Be Ethical, and Demonstrate Good Corporate Citizenship To Serve and Support Local Organizations To Coexist in Harmony With the Government, the Community at Large and Its Environment The Role of the Organization in the Community The Role of the Organization in the Community Tyze Personal Networks, https://www.facebook.com/TyzePersonalNetworks...
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