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My Nationality Essays

My Blessing the USAHaidy N.
Antioch High School, Nashville, TN
Sponsoring Station: WNPT, Nashville, TN

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The United States, the land of my dreams, has provided me with a good life. It has given me virtually everything I wanted. My name is Haidy, and I was born in a beautiful, historical country, Egypt. Unfortunately, my family had a very limited freedom because we are Christian. Thus, I was ecstatic when my parents told me we would move to the USA for our prosperity, education and freedom. In August 1999, I arrived at the best land where I am always free to embrace my religion, history, and even expression.

Starting with the pilgrims until today, I can certainly say, America is the most prosperous land in the history of the world. It is affluent socially, economy, and politically. Astoundingly, flowers from different color can make one united garden. In the USA, many nationalities unite as one flourishing nation. In America, I do not fret about my family monetarily. I know that God will provide through my government because of the opulence in my land. In addition, the United States does not fail to hold elections frequently and transfers power to the winner peacefully. I love America because I am with her prosperous.

Education in America is an access to self-confidence, technology, and career. As a teen, I feel special, significant, and even cared for by my teachers and classmates. In school, we have at least one computer in each classroom, lessons are taught through different sources, and we have a security system that makes us safe. These few resources are a straightforward example of how technology flourishes in education. As an American, I know my race, nationality, or even religion is not going to deter my chances of going into the career I want. Through education, I am an educated, affluent American.

The level of freedom sets America apart from countries that practice separatism. In America, I experienced the privilege of being not forced to cover my face, wear a certain color, or a style. I am also free to say how I feel without fearing that I might be discarded. Finally, my favorite of all is the freedom of religion. I am no longer afraid to be treated harshly, kidnapped or even killed just because I am a Christian. America is the best because of its freedom, but we have to make the line vivid before we accidentally cross it. As long as America stands for freedom, I will always treasure her, fight for its land, and even die to keep her on top. Our approach to freedom is the basis of our great success.

America is the superlative place I always imagined. It is a special place, and the perception of our founding fathers made it into the unsurpassed place for me to grow, learn, and dream. It is a true blessing to live in a prosperous, educative, and free country. America going through wars to keep my freedom makes me love, and appreciate what it stands for. God bless my home America!

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Essay My Personal Culture

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Culture defines people’s values, beliefs, and personal interests. Culture is important because it allows people to maintain a unique identity society. Many cultures have common interests, while others may have customs that differ greatly from that of another. Technology has had a huge impact on present day cultures. Many culture have been altered including my own, and some have been created due to the rise of technology. Cultures differ so greatly that someone belonging to one culture may not agree with the values of another, which then causes social and ethical issues. My culture shares many similarities with others around the world; most of which have connected more people in recent years than ever before. Cultural gaps, and lack of…show more content…

In the past, things were primarily about skin color, and issues regarding people of a particular skin color were handled by such, and not ethnicity. Black people were black people, whites were whites, and so on. The point is that by distinguishing myself from a general role, I am able to have my own identity, and I can make choices for my best interest, and not for the majority.
In spite of their differences, both African and African-American culture have been able to connect in certain ways in recent years, as well as other cultures. Technology, specifically social media has allowed my generation to connect with one another even with our cultural differences. There is a chemistry that exists within my generation that my parent’s generation never could have imagined was possible. The International Association of Business Communicators says “At its core, social media are about sharing information across boundaries. We can now find out what we want from whomever we want. Social media is breaking down hierarchical, regional, age and cultural boundaries” (IABC). Things have changed socially, through digital means, and it’s a big part of what makes me and my generation unique. Today, people in the United States can interact and communicate with people from anywhere around the world. I listened to some weird electronic music from France one night and it is amazing that I can do that. The internet has

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